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Trade goods more efficiently

Seller companies create joint growth opportunities logistically, share cost of sales and sell products directly to their buyer companies.

Time-saving purchasing

Buyer companies order products of all seller companies and categories from one portal and gain a better capability to service their consumers through more efficient logistics and flexible assortment management.

News & articles

Sharing economy, individualisation and capital

Sharing economy has received even more attention than digitalisation recently, making a cliche out of Uberisation. “Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Airbnb, the world’s largest hotelier…

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It’s the beer that lubes the wheels of the alcohol business

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Grocery stores
Hairdressers and barber shops
Herbal medicine stores

Why Suppilog?

  • Fast, no cost, no risk start for all parties
  • Ingeniously creates additional growth opportunities
  • Shares sales, transport and warehousing cost among seller companies
  • Enables cost efficient assortment extension and management for retailers
  • Efficient logistic services bring products through consolidated deliveries reducing cost of doing business
  • Applicable for marketers, importers and wholesalers

It is a fresh and easy way for a small business owner to order specialty beers and other microbrewery products.

Maltte Ahonen, Oittaan Kartano

Seller company benefits

  • Savings: sales directly to buyers without any intermediaries
  • Security: you can choose which customer sees which product portfolio
  • Efficiency: reduced selling and marketing costs
  • More sales: easy to expand your business into completely new industries
  • Utility: you can also take advantage of our integrated warehousing and logistics services
  • Environmental friendliness: smaller carbon footprint with combined logistics

Buyer company benefits

  • Profitaility: cut your company’s purchasing costs
  • Efficiency: one-stop marketplace where you can buy goods from several different seller companies
  • Savings: take advantage of different sellers special offers easily
  • More sales: expand your product selection and increase your volumes
  • Free of charge: buyer companies do not pay anything for using Suppilog
  • Environmental friendliness: smaller carbon footprint with more profitable operations

”Suppilog has saved us a lot of time in the goods ordering process, which has made it easier for us to plan and optimise our orders. We get any discounts immediately and save money on the delivery charges. We actually save money with every order compared to the way we used to do things.”

Mikko Tainio