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Top 5 benefits of Suppilog for bueyrs

1) Efficiency – one-stop marketplace where you can buy goods from several different marketers.

2) Ease of use – purchasing and inventory management has never been so easy

3) Inventory management – update-to-date product information, special offers and campaings just one click away

4) Environmental friendliness – combine multiple orders to a one shipping

5) Free of charge – buyer companies do not pay anything for using Suppilog.

Your platform is super easy to a restaurant owner like me to select and order a huge selection of the best craft beer brands available and to get it in one shipment!

Jesse Kallio, Juomapuohi

The sellers are companies that sell products and include manufacturers, importers, agencies, suppliers and wholesalers. Every seller can use Suppilog for traditional sales representative work. Since Suppilog’s purchasing prices can be tailored for each customer channel or targeted special offers, they can be utilised by the buyer businesses easily. As trading becomes more efficient, both parties – buyers and sellers – save time and money.

Product management

Expanding product selections is easy, as is keeping up to date on new and seasonal products. The special Media Calendar also makes it easy to follow sellers’ consumer advertising. Real-time product information is always conveniently available.


Products can be delivered primarily in three different ways to the customer companies.

  1. Sellers can use the warehousing and transportation services offered by Suppilog. In this case, products from several sellers can be delivered in the same shipment (by freight) as they would when ordered from a wholesaler, and invoicing is taken care of automatically through Suppilog’s system. Delivery routes, order payments and shipment limits (i.e. the limits for free delivery) are easy to check before submitting an order, so that the order can be edited accordingly. The products of different sellers sent from the same warehouse can be easily combined into the same order. Any complaints and additional information for deliveries can be sent through Suppilog.
  2. Sellers can send and invoice their products themselves.
  3. Sellers can use the wholesaler of their choice for sending and invoicing their products.

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