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Suppilog Oy is a technology concern that is focused on optimising the wholesale trade. Established in 2012 the company consists of Suppilog Oy (IPR), Suppilog Finland Oy and Suppilog China Oy. The center of the business is the sales platform that’s been developed to create efficiency to the wholesale trade processes. With the platform seller companies can automatise sales orders and all the processes involving the wholesale trade: orders, logistics, invoicing and reclaims.

Currently Suppilog Oy has 96 shareholders. The company is an independent business owned mostly by private persons in Finland.


“Suppilog is a business ecosystem for marketers and customer companies in the consumer goods trade, created using cutting-edge Finnish IT competence and technology. What’s great about Suppilog is that it is suited equally well to small and large businesses alike.”

Harri Eskelin

Who we are

Harri Eskelin
Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Harri Eskelin gathered a group of entrepreneurial friends and experts and created a platform business in 2012.  Since then, Suppilog has grown from 15 founding members into a corporation of 96 private shareholders , serving all potential parties in the consumer goods trade and also having operations in China. As a front runner in digital sales and trade platform ecosystem creator the B2B platform operates in over 25 different sales channels. Harri is leading the Suppilog corporation and all the operative projects.

Marko Jäppinen
Marketing Manager, Member of the Board

Marko has been 100% digital since the first day he graduated as a BBA and started working in the state of the business’s in the media landscape. This special man (‘erikoismies’) has been monetising digital medias and services in various sales and marketing roles. At Suppilog he is daily looking for ways to maximise the WIN-WIN-WIN results between the seller and buyer companies doing more efficient wholesale trade. 

Erno Lehtovirta
CFO, Advisor of the Board

Erno is the master of business economies and one of the founding members of Suppilog Ltd. He is responsible for the overall financial aspects of the Suppilog corporation.

Pekka Tyllilä
Head of business area, HoReCa

Pekka is one of the founding partners and he has served international business’s all his professional life. During the last past years he has concentrated his efforts to develop the alcohol business’s in Finland. In Suppilog Pekka has lead the alcohol channel and logistics to a great growth and he promises to develop it to even further.

Petri Ojalehto
Technical expert

Petri Ojalehto has been onboard since the 2013 and he knows all the ins and outs of the Suppilog system. Petri supports every buyer and seller in adopting the system and provides help with any problem situations.

Tero Purra
Member of the Board

Tero is also one of the founding members and he has worked for a long time as a family entrepreneur in healthcare and pharma companies. At Suppilog he or nobody has a clear opinion of where the healthcare business’s are heading to.

Tommi Heinonen

Tommi is responsible of the Suppilog’s IT-software development team. The software development lead was transferred to Tommi’s organisation during the 2017. Tommi is a visionary entrepreneur in the platform economy and a senior head of digital development projects.


Our mission is “to promote the freedom of choice” for consumers, retailers and brands.


Our vision is that “every brand has access to every retailer in the world”.


Integrity for trust

All company stakeholders and their interest are treated with highest level of integrity. This includes personnel, supplier, customers, partners and investors. This build trust in the business we conduct.

Customer focus for engagement

In everything we do, we aim at highest level of customer satisfaction, which will secure long term prosperity of the company.

Teamwork for winning spirit

Together we are strong. Diversity, discussion, alignment, clear roles, good management practices create a winning spirit that will show in high employee engagement to the company.

Ambition for achievement

We aim to achieve the very top in the disciplines that we choose to compete. If it is not for the very best and for fun, why bother doing it. Mediocre ambition or execution is not acceptable.

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