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It’s the beer that lubes the wheels of the alcohol business

Unique local brewery drinks are the new cool. In the past in a bar you could order from maybe a few basic lager beers and thats all. Nowadays that has been changed thoroughly. The crafted beers and imported special beers are now a marketing advantage among pubs, bars and restaurants. To manage a huge beer repertoire is a big challenge for the restaurant owner and to the deliverer. You can’t let the products to finish, it must be fresh and the collection must be up to date.

Suppilog has been adopted strongly among HoReCa-businesses in Finland. In the past 9 weeks the amount of buying restaurants have increased for astonishing 650%! Availability, flexibility, the freedom with marketing and pricing and all for real time are the benefits. The channel is very cost-efficient for huge restaurant chains aswell smaller restaurants because the prices are set up by producers by themselves. As the old saying goes “water is the eldest of remedys”, but in this case it’s beer that lubes the wheels of our HoReCa-channel and business of retailing groceries. I want to welcome you all participants in alcohol business from fruity ciders to bitter cognacs to our bandwagon because here is the future for all of us smartly digitalised.

Pekka Tyllilä, The Head of Suppilog Oy Alcohol Channel

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  1. Hi

    I distribute premium soft (non alcoholic) drinks brands around Finland. I already distribute through all of the major Finnish wholesalers, Kespro, Heinon Tukku etc but would possibly also be interested in Suppilog.

    I would be interested to know what Suppilog can offer me in terms of distributing to Horeca cutomers supermarket chains? What kind of and how many customers I could reach? I would like to get an idea of your pricing also.

    Kind regards,

    Anthony Barnacle

  2. I obviously just sent a message to the wrong place, please could you forward it to the correct section. Thanks

    1. Hi Anthony, thank you for your interest. Let’s discuss the details in e-mail. Welcome with your products!

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