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Top 5 benefits of Suppilog for sellers

1) Savings: sales directly to buyers without any intermediaries.

2) More sales: easy to expand your business into completely new industries.

3) Conversations – stay in touch with buyers in real-time

4) Customer orientation – create customer-specific offers

5) Utility: you can also take advantage of our integrated warehousing and logistics services.

“Suppilog has brought us a clear increase in sales. We have also cooperated in marketing, thanks to which it’s now easier for our customers to find our products in the Suppilog system.”

Sara Kotineva, Product Manager

varasto_logotConsolidated warehousing and delivery services

Sellers can always choose the logistics they feel best suit their needs. Ordered products can be sent directly from the sellers themselves or through a contracting partner or wholesaler. Thanks to Suppilog’s constantly evolving trading ecosystem, sellers can also use the warehousing and delivery services negotiated and offered by Suppilog and provided by various logistics companies. Suppilog and its partners offer sellers cooperation models for warehousing, transportation, credit loss management and invoicing.

Our first logistics partner serving all customer industries was DB Schenker, which has provided a fully integrated warehousing and delivery service provided in cooperation with Suppilog since May 2014. DSV became the second logistics partner operating under a similar model and providing services for marketers from all industries in March 2015. Schenker and DSV are major international logistics operators through which we can offer extensive logistics solutions. When using Suppilog’s logistics services, sellers can partially or fully outsource their warehousing, deliveries, invoicing and credit risk management to Suppilog Oy. In customer invoicing, we are able to offer consolidated invoicing even if the physical products are shipped through several different integrated logistics partners. Suppilog also has other logistics and wholesale partners operating in a number of different sectors. Our logistics solutions elevate the sellers in the delivery chain, increasing the efficiency of their sales.

More efficient sales and marketing

Suppilog has primarily been developed to facilitate businesses’ sales and marketing. In fact, Suppilog is a comprehensive sales and marketing system that allows sellers’ sales representatives and other sales personnel to sell products directly to their customers. At the other end, buyer businesses can independently order all the products offered to them by sellers through a single system. With Suppilog, sales and marketing costs are reduced and contacts with customers who are difficult to reach become a lot easier, and thus more profitable.

One interface

Using a single interface, sellers can control different sales channels and offer their products to new industries they have not traded with before. Seller companies can still determine from their own interface which product series or products, and at what prices, they will offer through different sales channels. Any changes made will be updated in real time on the different customer businesses’ view. This way, the products sold to different customers through different sales channels will continue to be offered exclusively.

Versatile information channel

Suppilog provides sellers with a direct real-time information channel that connects them with their buyer companies. For instance, marketing campaigns can be easily announced in advance through the channel. Suppilog’s system also allows sellers to access and download extensive and detailed real-time trading statistics for their own use only. Such information includes map views of buyer purchases across Finland, data on orders placed by buyers and detailed graphics illustrating sales.

Customer-specific pricing

Suppilog allows sellers to easily create customer-specific real-time price lists and special offers, distribute product information and launch new products through different sales channels.

Low costs is a low-cost service, as signing up for it is free of charge and there are no monthly fees. Sellers pay only a small commission of a few percent for the net sales generated through Suppilog. There is a separate price list for the additional services outsourced by the sellers, such as logistics and sales representative services.

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